“…Like a storyteller, Iva Jovanović led her audience through a dazzling array of pianistic expressions. With acrobatic skill and sensitivity, Jovanović produced a multitude of musical colors…“

(Westdeutsche Zeitung, February 2013)

Born in 1989, pianist Iva Jovanović has won many prizes on national and international competitions, i.e. First prize at the prestigious Nikolai Rubinstein International Piano Competition for young pianists in Paris (1998) and First prize at the Zlatko Grgošević Competition in Zagreb (2008). She has also repeatedly won awards at various national competitions in Piano and Chamber music categories in Serbia and Montenegro.

After commencing her piano studies at The Academy of Music in Belgrade in the class of Prof. Nevena Popović, Iva Jovanović continued her education under Prof. Arbo Valdma and Prof. Pavel Gililov at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne, where she was awarded a Performer’s Diploma in 2013. Upon completing her Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Cologne, Iva enrolled in a Master’s Degree program in Professional Performance at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, in the class of the renowned pianist Prof.Hisako Kawamura, which she finished in 2016.

Ms Jovanović is a two-time stipendiary of the Werner Richard – Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation. First in 2011 in the Piano category and in 2016 in the Chamber music category alongside German violinist, Ms Ana Wünsch. For the 2012/2013 season Iva was selected to perform in the Best of NRW recital series for the most promising young students from North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). As a result of the success of this series, WDR Radio 3 (Westdeutsche Rundfunk) documented one of her performances for broadcast.

Intensive studies as well collaborations with eminent pianists and professors such as Dirk Mommertz, Wolfgang Manz, Henri Sigfridsson, Bernd Götzke, Paul Badura-Skoda and Robert McDonald provided her with valuable input and great inspiration which is reflected in her strongly expressive and individual style.

Together with oboist Viola Wertge, Iva Jovanović founded the Duo Doneo. Duo Doneo has dedicated themselves to exploring tone-poems, musical theatre, and the romantic repertoire for this combination.

Since the beginning of her studies, Ms Jovanović has also been a passionate educator of young instrumentalists. Her pedagogical abilities are reflected in the achievements and prizes won by pupils in a number of national and internationalcompetitions.



Tuesday February 21
08:00pm Belgrade
Mikser House

Works by Mozart, Schumann und Debussy
Rotaract Metropolitan Beograd
CD-Presentation „Humor of Love“
Charity event

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Saturday March 19
08:00pm Cologne
Bechstein Zentrum

Schubert Marathon
F.Schubert: Winterreise op.89
Prof.Josef Protschka (Tenor)
Iva Jovanovic (Piano)

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Friday March 24
03:30pm Bad Neunahr

Works by Bach, Hoffmeister, Brahms, Enescu, Hindemith
Anna Wünsch (Viola)
Iva Jovanovic (Piano)

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Saturday March 25
03:30pm Bad Neunahr

Works by Schubert, Brahms,Grieg
Piano four hands
Violina Petrychenko (Piano)
Iva Jovanovic (Piano)

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Sunday March 25
04:00pm Tecklenburg
Haus Marck

Works by Bach, Hoffmeister, Brahms, Enescu, Hindemith
Anna Wünsch (Viola)
Iva Jovanovic (Piano)

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Thursday Mai 11
03:30pm Bad Neunahr

Works by Mozart, Schumann und Debussy
CD-Presentation„Humor of Love“
Piano recital

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Iva Jovanovic is an experienced piano teacher with a extensive teaching and performance experience, who provides a unique and centered approach to developing well rounded musicianship for children and adults alike. The materials she uses are individualized and eclectic, depending on the age, which may range from 4 and older, learning style and interest of the student, and based on level of performance.

As a registered teacher with The Royal Academy of Music – London, (ABRSM), Ms.Jovanovic has equal experience in teaching beginners as she does in preparing aspiring students for the highest quality of musical assessment. She also engages with teachers and candidates through a number of regional courses and events and allows for numerous opportunities for students to perform their practiced pieces by organizing internal recitals and concerts as well as preparing them for competitions like “Jugend Musiziert”. Due to her well established solo pianist career, Ms. Jovanovic is able to offer her students many advantages, some of which include performing in famous piano houses and halls.

If desired, she is available to teach in 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions weekly in a private classroom where students will be given the chance to create music on a grand piano.

Her extensive knowledge of music and passion for teaching make Ms. Jovanovic an excellent instructor for all pianists ranging from amateur musicians to aspiring semiprofessional and professional pianists.

If you are interested in taking piano lessons, and if you would like more information, I invite you to a free30- minute consultation.

To schedule a consultation call: +49 176 820 97 163 or +381 64 524 6912

To learn more about The Royal Academy of Music – London, (ABRSM) click here:

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„Note for note, bar for bar she trickled sonic opium in the ears of the audience.“

Felix Hüsch-Waligura: „Concert in the noise of beauty“

In: WN-Lüdinghauser Zeitung, 06.Februar 2013. Own translation.

„With narrative skill, Iva Jovanović transported her audience with a dazzling array of pianistic expressive possibilities. Beside virtuosity and sensitivity, Jovanović allowed a multitude of colours to unfold.“

„A keyboard acrobat“

In: Westdeutsche Zeitung, 18.Ferbuar 2013. Own translation.

„Iva Jovanović shaped in a wonderfully variable way and with a secure sense for the subtlest dynamic and rhythmic caesuras.“

Fantastically beautiful” 

In: Siegener Zeitung, 28. Januar 2013.Own translation.

„Sometimes one note was enough for her to weave delicate dreams out of impetuously rhythmic music and to subsequently join these conflicting impulses harmoniously.”

Sunhild Salaschek: „Impetuous rhythm – delicate dreams”

In: Westfälische Nachrichten 09. Dezember 2014. Own translation.

„Iva Jovanovic’s playing is characterized by a keen sense for variety in her artistic expression. She has a dazzling technique and a strikingly powerful and well- trained left hand.”

„Pianist delights at palace concert”

In: Rheinische Post 18. Februar 2013.


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